Anonymous said: you weren't active enough i guess

I’m not entirely surprised. Since I did the same thing. I just wish them luck considering it looks like they were mostly promos too.

Lol. I stop for like 2 days and there’s another confessions blog now.

the-degrassiinterviewers said: If anyone's interested in the interviews, here's the blog for that. :3

There you go.

Anonymous said: Are you ever going to do that interview?

Actually, I know someone who had plans to make an interview blog themselves so I’m going to let them take over the interview business. 

Anonymous said: any role plays with katie open? I can't find one and I would love to try her :/

Anonymous said: I miss gen 1

Anonymous said: Eli is overrated

Anonymous said: Don't leave :( I love coming here. Confessions will pick up now that school is out!

I hope so. At least I came back to some so I guess I’ll see how it goes.

I look through my page and see a few actual confessions between all of the promos.

I guess we all of the roleplays having their own confession blogs, there is no need for one like this. So this is my way of saying that I’m going to stop coming on this blog. Peace out.

Anonymous said: o-mills97 portrays Owen really well.

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